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Protect your investment with regular septic tank cleaning in Lake Wales.

Septic Tank Cleaning in Lake Wales, Florida
While most septic systems require very little maintenance, regular septic tank cleaning can protect your investment in your Lake Wales, Florida home and prevent costly, unexpected repairs. When you call us at William Dustin Septic, we will come and give you a free estimate. We also provide septic tank inspections to evaluate the condition or problem.

In general, you can reduce the need for septic tank cleaning by being mindful of what goes down your drains. Don’t flush hair clippings, floss or kitty litter. Never flush items like diapers, feminine hygiene products, gauze or cigarette butts. In the kitchen, be mindful of rinsing coffee grounds and excess fat and grease. If you do have problems, don’t hesitate to contact us for a septic tank cleaning. It is much cheaper to pay for periodic septic tank cleaning compared to the cost of major repairs or whole system replacement.

Between inspections, there are some things you can do to protect your septic system and reduce the likelihood that you will need more drastic maintenance and repairs over time:

  • Do not drive over your septic system. This includes your septic tank and the drain field. If you are unsure of your septic system’s location, we can help you find it.
  • Do not plant trees or bushes in the area around your septic system. The roots of these large plants can interfere with the effectiveness of your septic system.
  • Do not build over your septic system or even cover the area with concrete or asphalt. It is important that water is able to flow through this area, and maintaining full access to your tank or drain field is important when septic tank cleaning or other repairs become necessary.

If you would like an inspection or if you know you need septic tank cleaning services, please call us today for a free estimate. When you call us at William Dustin Septic, you know that you will be talking to an honest professional who will guarantee your satisfaction.

We offer septic tank cleaning services throughout Central Florida, including Lake WalesLakeland, Mulberry, Auburndale, Polk City, Plant City, Winter Haven, Lake Alfred, Bartow, and Haines City, FL.