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Septic Tank Cleaning, Polk City, FL

Prevent potential issues by calling our team at William Dustin Septic to schedule your routine septic tank cleaning in Polk City, FL.

Septic Tank CleaningSeptic Tank Cleaning in Polk City – There are several important reasons why you should always remember to schedule septic tank cleaning services. If your tank is clogged or overloaded, it could release pollutants into the water supply that affect you and your neighbors. It could also impact any nearby streams or lakes, which could in turn kill aquatic life or animals that drink from these water sources. In some areas, ground water is also cleaned and turned into drinking water, so any contaminants could have a serious health impact on anyone who drinks this water.

When waste and water are flushed into the tank, some of the liquid can move out through the drain field, but all of the solids stay behind in the tank. A sludge layer can build up, which can fill up the tank quickly. One of the worst problems that occurs at homes where property owners don’t schedule routine septic tank cleaning is for the tank to burst. Repairing or replacing a burst tank will cost you thousands of dollars, and that doesn’t even include the cost to repair damage to your landscaping and anything around the tank that was destroyed. In most cases where this has occurred, homeowners also have to replace the drain field, which is the costliest part of the system.

You can prevent these potential issues by calling our team at William Dustin Septic to schedule your routine septic tank cleaning. We offer service in and near Polk City, Florida and give free estimates, so you will know up front what the estimated cost will be to clean your tank.


We offer septic tank cleaning services throughout Central Florida, including Lakeland, Mulberry, Auburndale, Polk City, Plant City, Winter Haven, Lake Wales, Lake Alfred, Bartow, and Haines City, FL.