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Septic Services, Lake Wales, FL

There are two main parts to a septic system in Lake Wales, and either part may require septic services from time to time.

Septic Services in Lake Wales, Florida
When you are looking for septic services in Lake Wales, Florida, you need someone who is reliable, consistent and available any time you need services. That’s why you should call us at William Dustin Septic.

Most people don’t know that much about how septic systems work. In essence, your septic system is a small, independent, underground wastewater treatment system. In general, septic systems are efficient and self-contained and require very little maintenance and upkeep to continue to work correctly.

There are two main parts to a septic system, and either part may require septic services from time to time.

  • Septic Tank– There is a watertight tank where wastewater flows when it leaves your house. In this tank, the solids and liquids separate into layers. The liquids flow out of the tank into the drain field. The solids remain in the tank to be broken down further by bacteria.
  • Drain Field– The second part is the drain field, which is where the water flows when it leaves the tank. Usually, there are trenches of gravel and sand that help distribute the water in a larger area.

How often you require septic services will depend on a variety of factors. Larger septic tanks do not need pumping as often as smaller ones. The more people who live in a house, the more frequently the tank will need to be pumped. Household features like garbage disposals that increase the amount of solids in your wastewater also increase the volume of solid waste in your septic tank.

Whether you are putting in a whole new septic system or have an emergency to attend to, we are ready to give you a free estimate, complete an inspection or tackle your emergency repairs. Give us a call at William Dustin Septic and give us a chance to take care of all your septic services today.










We offer septic services throughout Central Florida, including Lake WalesLakeland, Mulberry, Auburndale, Polk City, Plant City, Winter Haven, Lake Alfred, Bartow, and Haines City, FL.