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No matter how careful you are about what you let go down your Plant City, FL home’s drains, septic tank cleaning still needs to happen periodically.

Septic Tank CleaningSeptic Tank Cleaning, Plant City – Septic tank cleaning should be a regular part of septic tank maintenance. While we prefer not to think about where the water in our toilets, sinks, washing machines and other drains around the house lead to, the reality is that it has to go somewhere, and thankfully, we have septic tanks in place to take care of it. But no matter how careful you are about what you let go down your home’s drains, septic tank cleaning still needs to happen periodically. Over time, the sludge and scum layers in your septic tank will build up, and if they aren’t cleaned out, there can be catastrophic results.

When you don’t have your septic tank cleaned regularly, eventually the system will overflow. This could mean everything you’ve been trying to flush out will regurgitate back up through your toilets or other pipes, leading to costly clean-up. Overflow could also lead to unprocessed waste water flooding the nearby drain field and eventually making its way to nearby rivers and streams. The leaking water can also taint the groundwater beneath the surface, which would contaminate the water people use to drink and bathe.

3 Surprising Factors that Affect Your Septic Tank Cleaning Frequency

Here at William Dustin Septic, we want to help you get the most out of your septic system! We recommend services like septic tank cleaning to ensure a clean, healthy tank that is ready to work for you. It is recommended that you have your septic tank cleaned every 2-4 years, but did you know that there are many factors that can affect this frequency? While most us know the factors such as household size or the size of your tank, there are some other things that can affect how often you clean your tank as well that might surprise you! Consider the following.

  1. Your laundry habits. Many people don’t realize that laundry counts as wastewater and therefore our laundry can affect our septic system. If you have a septic system, you need to use your water efficiently. You also should consider doing several loads throughout the week instead of all your laundry loads on one day to give your system time to process the extra water.
  2. The use of your garbage disposal. Your garbage disposal grinds food into bits that can go down the drain. While this is great for your plumbing, it’s not so great for your septic system. Consider getting into the habit of scraping your plates and cookware into the garbage and avoiding your garbage disposal whenever possible.
  3. Your cooking habits. Fats and oils are harmful to your septic system and drain field. If you use a lot of grease, oils or fats when cooking, be sure to never pour the excess down the drain and get as much as you can wiped out of the pans before cooking.

We are always happy to answer questions you may have about your septic system. If you have questions about what is affecting your septic tank cleaning, please give us a call today!

We recommend that you have your septic tank checked once a year to see if it needs a cleaning. Our septic technicians have the specific equipment needed to measure the sludge and scum layers in your septic tank safely without exposing themselves or your family to the harmful bacteria that are found in wastewater.

At William Dustin Septic, we can assure you that we will do a thorough and complete job of cleaning your septic tank in Plant City, FL. We want you to be able to use your drainage system with the assurance that everything is in working order and there won’t be any messy surprises the next time you flush your toilet. Give us a call, and let us take care of your septic tank cleaning today!


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