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Drain Field Contractor in Lake Wales, Florida
Many properties in the Lake Wales, Florida area have septic systems, which are self-contained waste processing systems for all the liquid and solid waste that comes through the drains in your home. A septic system includes several key components, including the tank, the drain field, and the pipes. One of the most vital components of your septic system is the drain field, which includes a series of perforated pipes that are typically surrounded by a layer of gravel. When liquid waste exits the tank, it moves into the drain field, where it goes back into the soil surrounding your property after being treated.

If your drain field isn’t working properly, you could end up with a disastrous situation. Waste draining into the ground on your property can damage the water supply and cause serious environmental consequences. If the drain field becomes overloaded with waste, it will no longer be able to do its job, resulting in the need for an expensive repair or replacement. It’s important to bring in a drain field contractor regularly to take a look at this component of your system to ensure that everything is working correctly.

At William Dustin Septic, we are a top drain field contractor in the area. We have worked with many property owners to diagnose and repair drain field problems, as well as perform maintenance to make sure all components are in working order. Contact us, your trusted drain field contractor, if you have any issues with this part of your septic system.

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