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Septic Tank RepairA lot of people pick up the phone to call us at William Dustin Septic after a heavy rain storm. That’s because rainwater enters the septic system, which fills it up. When that happens, the drains slow down and the water backs up in the drains. While you don’t need a septic tank repair if this happens, there are some things you can do to get the system up and running once again.

  • Conserve Your Water- Don’t put too much water into a system that is already overloaded. Conserve your water as much as possible until the system starts acting normally again. This means you need to take shorter showers and avoid water-hungry appliances, such as hot tubs and washing machines.
  • Turn Off the Pump- You can also turn off the pump when your tank has too much water in it. This will give the system a chance to rest while the tank drains. That way, it won’t wear down, causing you to need a septic tank repair.
  • Monitor the Situation- Keep an eye on your drain field. When the water disappears, you can resume using your septic system like normal. If the water does not go down, though, you do have a more serious problem. Then it is time to call us for a septic tank repair.

It takes a lot of rain to flood a septic system, so don’t get scared every time you see a cloud in the sky. If the rain does come down hard, though, be aware that your system might end up with too much water in it, so you will need to change your habits until it is able to drain properly.