How to Know When You Need a Septic Tank Repair

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Your septic tank often goes unnoticed and underappreciated. Homeowners don’t often think about it until something goes wrong. It is always better to deal with repairs before they become larger problems that cost you even more.

How to Know When You Need a Septic Tank Repair

Here are some signs that mean you need a septic tank repair:

  • Noises – Gurgling noises when you use a drain or flush the toilet can indicate that you are in need of septic tank repair. Taking care of this issue at the beginning before it turns into a larger issue is the best thing to do.
  • Smells – As your septic tank begins to get more and more full, you are going to be more and more likely to be able to smell sewage. If you notice a bad smell around where your septic tank is located or near your drains and toilets, then it is time to have your system inspected for a potential septic tank repair.
  • Backups – An occasional clogged toilet is no big deal, but if you are experiencing backups in your drains regularly, it is time to have your septic tank inspected and repaired.
  • Flooding Drain Field – If you notice pooling water or brighter and greener grass near your drain field, then you should have your septic tank repaired. You may have a clogged or cracked septic system.