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Four Steps to Avoid Septic Tank Repair

Because you rely on your septic system 24 hours a day, avoiding septic tank repair is a priority for you. But are there really any measures you can take to prevent septic tank repair, or isn’t that something that just comes with the territory over time? At William Dustin Septic, we say there are several ways you can avoid costly septic tank repair situations, and we’ve provided four steps you can take to minimize this possibility:

  1. Routine cleaning – One of the most obvious ways to avoid septic tank repair is to have us complete routine septic tank cleaning. Not only does this keep your tank in top condition, but it also benefits your property and septic system as a whole.
  2. System inspections – Another great way to avoid septic tank repair is by scheduling an inspection. This can be especially valuable if you are experiencing intermittent problems, but haven’t been able to identify the source of concern. Our experienced professionals can inspect your tank for any damage or areas that need attention.
  3. Care of your plumbing – Did you know what goes down the drain eventually ends up in your septic system? Knowing which items you should throw away and which items are safe for your plumbing will help to prevent any unnecessary concerns. Here is a good article for reference.
  4. Septic alarms – Another thing you can do is to install a septic alarm and control box. Not only can you better manage the way your effluent goes through your septic system, but you’ll be alerted if there is any problem that needs to be addressed. Our team is happy to answer your questions about this and other preventative measures.