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drain field replacement is needed due to a change in use

How do you know when it’s time for a drain field replacement? The simple answer lies in understanding what causes drain field failure. Indications of a failing drain field include the following:

  • Standing water – It’s important that the drain field does not become oversaturated. It needs to dry out regularly. If you are noticing puddles or persistently wet spots in the drain field, it’s one of the surest signs that your drain field needs replacement immediately.
  • Overuse – It’s possible that the drain field replacement is needed due to a change in use. The number of people using the septic system affects the amount of water that has to evaporate from the drain field.
  • Poor maintenance of septic tank or the lines out to the drain field – If the solids in a septic tank aren’t pumped out regularly, which generally means about every 3 to 5 years, then the drain field can actually start to accumulate sludge from the tank that wasn’t intended to flow there along the drain field lines. Without a system that has been regularly maintained, you increase your chances of the drain field (also known as a leach field) failing. If you’re already seeing system back up in your home, it’s urgent to get a drain field replacement.

We are qualified and experienced in properly handling relocating your drain field to replace it and allow a failed drain field to possibly recover by fully drying out over time. Contact us at William Dustin Septic for the support you need to get your full septic system back on track, including replacing your drain field.