Four Signs You Need Drain Field Replacement

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Drain fields can last up to 50 years when they are properly maintained, but drain field replacement is an inevitable part of owning a septic system. Issues can be caused by factors such as age, damaged pipes, or your septic system being overloaded. Knowing what signs to look for can help you identify the telltale traits of a failing drain field and respond quickly to have a professional inspection and recommendations for next steps. This will prevent major issues from occurring in your septic system.

Four Signs You Need Drain Field Replacement

Here are four common signs that you may need drain field replacement:

  1. Unpleasant odors: Drain fields are supposed to prevent bad smells, so if you can’t stand to be in your own backyard, there is a problem.
  2. Wet/soggy area: Your drain field disperses wastewater into the soil so that it is safely absorbed and broken down. If you start to notice the field or surrounding area is wet or soggy, this means the wastewater is not being properly drained.
  3. Lush grass: It is always nice to have beautiful green grass on your lawn, but if you notice that there is an excessive amount of grass growing over the drain field, there actually might be an underlying drainage issue. If there is extra water and nutrients getting into the soil, it is a sign that the drain field is leeching excess water and not disposing of it correctly.
  4. Slow drains: Whether it is a kitchen sink, bathtub or toilet, if you notice that water is taking longer to drain, there may be an issue with your drain field.

When you notice issues with your septic system, it is important to get a professional inspection performed to check all the components to identify the root cause. There can be overlapping symptoms for different system failures, so knowing what the main problem is will help with getting the right maintenance. When it is time for a drain field replacement, you can trust on our team at William Dustin Septic to provide quality service. Contact us today.