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We want to do our part by helping our economy here in Lakeland, FL with our local septic services.

Local Septic Services in Lakeland, Florida

Local Septic Services in Lakeland – It seems like these days, everyone is “buying local.” Everything from our bedsheets to our broccoli is being produced by local manufacturers and sold locally to consumers. Why are we enjoying this process of locally produced and locally purchased items so much? Because buying locally doesn’t just mean fresher vegetables; it also means that local economies can stay stronger. We want to do our part by helping our economy here in Lakeland, FL with our local septic services.

The Top 8 Signs of a Good Septic Contractor [infographic]

We have a wide variety of local septic services to offer to our Lakeland friends and neighbors, such as:

  • Drain field cleaning
  • Drain field inspections
  • Septic tank cleaning
  • Septic system maintenance
  • Septic tank inspections
  • Septic tank pumping
  • Septic system repairs
  • Septic system installation
  • And much more!

Not only do we offer these and many more local septic services, but we do so at a reasonable price. We offer free estimates on every one of our services, so you don’t have to debate before calling if you can afford the service call for your septic system issue. Additionally, we also like to help our customers by being available to you any time of the day or night. Our unparalleled emergency services mean that you can have a highly trained, skilled and qualified employee working on your septic system emergency any time of the day or night. We know that problems don’t arise just within working business hours, and that’s why our local septic services are always here to help you.

If you want to help your local economy, get superior service from a local septic company, and receive wonderful help from those in your community, contact us at William Dustin Septic today.


Signs You Should Call for Local Septic Services

Keeping your septic system in working order is critical not only to avoid problems, but also to avoid premature failure of any of the components. Working with a local septic services provider to maintain the system and inspect it regularly goes a long way. It is also important to call us at William Dustin Septic if you notice that something isn’t as it should be. Here are some signs that it is best to call for local septic services as soon as possible.

  • Standing Water- If the drain field is damaged, clogged, or overwhelmed and unable to filter the effluent into the ground, you could notice standing water near the tank or the drain field. Since this situation is also causing soil and groundwater contamination, it is vital to call for local septic services immediately.
  • Lush Grass- Before it gets to the point where there is standing water, you would likely notice that the grass in these areas is lusher than in other areas of your lawn. This is a sign that you should call us.
  • Slow Drains- One slow drain is usually a plumbing issue, but if all the drains are slow, it is a sign of a septic system issue.
  • Backups- If you notice water or sewage backing up into your home in the toilets, sinks, and other drains, it is only going to get worse, so you should call us right away.
  • Water Test- If your water source is a well, you know you should have it tested periodically to ensure there aren’t nitrates or coliform bacteria present. If these show up, it is a sign your septic system has failed and is contaminating your well. If you are close to a pond or lake and notice an increase in algae, this can also be a sign of contamination from your septic system.
  • Odors- Odors in your home or yard are cause for concern, and you should call us for local septic services.


We offer local septic services throughout Central Florida, including Lakeland, Mulberry, Auburndale, Polk City, Plant City, Winter Haven, Lake Wales, Bartow, Lake Alfred, and Haines City, FL.