Sump Pump Maintenance, Lake Wales, FL

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Keep your yard from flooding during storm season.

Sump Pump Maintenance in Lake Wales, Florida

The main thing a sump pump does is pump water away from a house or a certain area to prevent moisture accumulation and flooding. When heavy rains hit the Lake Wales, Florida area, your sump pump works hard to pump water away from your house and keep your yard from being completely taken over by flooding.

However, your sump pump will only work as well as you take care of it, which is why sump pump maintenance is so important. At William Dustin Septic, we can help you with septic pump maintenance and keep your sump pump in good shape throughout the year. And if we notice something wrong with your sump pump, we’ll take care of it right away, so you don’t experience any issues.

One sump pump maintenance task you can take care of on your own is making sure your sump pump doesn’t suck up any small-sized gravel, silt, or any other type of debris. Large rocks or gravel bigger than a dime can clog your sump pump’s lines and keep this system from properly pumping water away from your home and yard.

When you let us take care of your sump pump, you can rest easy that your system will stay in good working order throughout the year. If you have any questions about septic pump maintenance and what a typical appointment looks like, contact us today. We can answer all your questions and help you set up your next maintenance appointment.

At William Dustin Septic, we offer high-quality sump pump maintenance services in Lakeland, Mulberry, Auburndale, Polk City, Lake Alfred, Plant City, Winter Haven, Lake Wales, Bartow, and Haines City, Florida.