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Cleaning Your Bartow, FL System through Lift Station Pumping

Lift Station Pumping in Bartow, FloridaLift Station Pumping in Bartow – If your septic system doesn’t flow easily, this is often due to elevation changes between the house and the septic tank. Typically, septic systems are installed in places where gravity helps to pull the waste through the system, but if the property is not already set up that way, the cost to excavate land to allow this flow process can be very expensive. Another option in this case is to install a lift station, which usually contains an electric pump that keeps things flowing.

Lift station pumping is an important aspect of maintaining a septic system. The lift station typically has a pump, pipes, control panel with a built-in alarm, and a well with chemicals to treat the water and kill bacteria. The well should always be properly cleaned, and should never store sewage, as this can cause contamination to the other parts of the septic system. An experienced professional usually performs lift station pumping, since it can be very hazardous and dangerous.

A steel lift station will generally last for 15-20 years without any problems, and routine lift station pumping will prolong the life span. Another option is a concrete lift station, which is also very strong and sturdy. The pump in a lift station will usually have a trigger system that engages when it reaches a certain level. When the sewage reaches that point, the pump will move the waste through the pipes and away from the station. If the pump fails, it can cause a backup, which can potentially damage the environment and surrounding properties.

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