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Signs You Need Drain Field Repair

The drain field in your septic system probably isn’t on your mind too much until something goes wrong. And if something does go wrong, the consequences can be devastating. No one wants to have to deal with drain field failure, so it’s better to know when you should call a professional for drain field repair so you can catch any problems before they get too big.

  • Puddles in your backyard: You might have water on your lawn from sprinklers or a hose, but you shouldn’t have puddles if everything is normal with your drain field and septic system. And you definitely shouldn’t have puddles seeping up from the ground and the septic system below.
  •  Backed-up water: A drain field allows your septic system to function properly. Waste is managed and drained through the drain field, so if you’re finding your water is backing up, then you should definitely call for drain field repair. Slow and backed-up drains can be an indicator of a bigger problem, and you could potentially experience damage to your home.
  • Odors: Sewer smells aren’t pleasant. Anything remotely similar to the smell of a sewer should stay in the bathroom. Still, if you’re smelling an overwhelming sewage odor in the bathroom or the rest of your house, you should get your drain field looked at and fixed.

Knowing when to call for drain field repair could potentially save you a lot of stress and money. For more information on drain fields or other septic system parts, give us a call at William Dustin Septic today!