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Do You Need a Drain Field Repair? Here’s How to Tell

A drain field is a key factor to having a functional septic system. A drain field acts as a wastewater disposal system used to eliminate impurities and contaminants in the water after it has been processed through the septic tank. If you are not familiar with your drain field, it can be hard to tell if you are experiencing an issue or not. Here’s how to tell if you are in need of a drain field repair:

  • Standing Water – If you notice standing water in the same area as your drain field, this means water is somehow escaping your septic system and you more than likely need a drain field repair.
  • Toilets aren’t Flushing Properly – If you notice your toilets are flushing but they are delaying and not quite flushing like they normally do, it may be time for a repair.
  • Drainage Issues – If you are experiencing slow drainage within the tubs, showers, and sinks of your home, this could mean your drain field is not working properly.
  • Odors – If you start to notice a sewage smell coming from outside, specifically where your drain field and septic tank is located, you may need a drain field repair.

Any of these signs could lead to drain field repair. It is important to recognize the symptoms of a drain field issue so it can be resolved as quickly as possible. If these issues are left alone, they will more than likely lead to more serious issues and cause more damage to your property. If you have any questions regarding drain field repair and services we provide, please contact us at William Dustin Septic for more information.