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It’s easy to forget about waste once it goes down the drain. It disappears into your septic tank, never to be seen again.

Septic Tank Cleaning Is More Important Than You Think

While that is often true, there are times when the waste makes another appearance. This happens when you fail to get a regular septic tank cleaning.

What Happens When a Septic Tank Is Dirty?

Unless you schedule a regular septic tank cleaning, your system will overflow. When that happens, you will end up with a variety of problems.
Septic Tank Cleaning
First, of course, sewage will overflow back into the toilets and drains. Just in case that wasn’t bad enough, it also seeps above ground around your drain field. Since this waste is unprocessed, it poses a serious threat to your entire family, as well as anyone else who walks through your yard. The people you love could end up getting sick because of the raw sewage.

Environmental Danger

Failure to get a regular septic tank cleaning doesn’t just put your family at risk. It can also harm the environment. When the system overflows, the sewage from your yard can run off into creeks, rivers, and other bodies of water. It can also make its way below the ground. Before you know it, your sewage will contaminate various bodies of water, putting countless people and the environment in danger.

Avoid these risks by scheduling a regular septic tank cleaning with us at William Dustin Septic. We will remove the sludge from your tank so it will not overflow and harm your family and the environment.