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3 Pros of Septic Tank Cleaning

Ideally, you should have your septic tank cleaned every three to five years. Your septic tank goes through a lot of wear and tear from its frequent use, and eventually that will add up. Aside from a clean tank, septic tank cleaning has some benefits that make the routine well worth it:

  1. Inspect your system: Septic tank cleaning allows your septic tank to be looked at. You most likely haven’t looked at the tank yourself, so having a professional come in and clean your septic tank is a great way to make sure your septic tank is still functioning properly.
  2. Prevent buildup: The cleaning itself can reduce future potential problems with your septic system. A cleaning would usually involve clearing out all that buildup that has accumulated over the past few years. When you get rid of this buildup, you help decrease the chance of clogs, leaks, and draining problems.
  3. Decrease health risk: Your septic system is filled with waste. That’s its main job, after all. All the waste that you flush or wash down your drains gets sent through your septic tank and system. If you don’t have your septic tank cleaned, though, you risk bacterial fumes producing from the nasty waste and spreading into your home. This can cause serious health problems, so it’s best to keep your septic tank clean.

You can increase the lifespan of a functioning septic tank and keep you and your family healthy by implementing routine septic tank cleaning. Give us a call at William Dustin Septic for our septic system services today!