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septic tank pumping is sewage backing up into your homeDid you know that septic tank pumping should occur as often as every 3 to 5 years? Many people may procrastinate getting this crucial service completed, but the price for delaying can be very high.

Failure to take care of septic tank pumping on time can lead to the failure of the drain field (also called a leach field) which is a large space on your property where the liquid seepage from the tank is sent from drain field pipes coming from the tank. If the septic tank is not pumped often enough (when it is about 30% full) then the sludge (oil and grease the bacteria can’t break down) and even some of the bacteria that breaks down much of the sludge can end up traveling down the drain field pipes and clogging them. This causes your system to work improperly and affects the performance of your drain field.

Another even more unfortunate possibility which comes from the delay of septic tank pumping is sewage backing up into your home. If the bacteria in your system fails to decompose matter effectively (which can be due to something as little as cleaning chemicals in your wastewater), this could cause your septic tank to fill to capacity quicker than usual. Gurgling pipes or slow drains can quickly turn into a large amount of backflow into your home, ruining part of your house and destroying valued personal belongings.

In the long run, the small investment to make sure timely septic tank pumping is done is worth making a priority for yourself. We’re here to help you protect your investments by providing routine septic tank pumping services.