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Why Do You Need Septic Tank Pumping?

Your septic system is probably something you would rather not think about. But, to continue to enjoy a seamless septic system that runs through your home, you should probably give it a thought every so often. Part of the regular routine care for your septic system is septic tank pumping, and you should be sure to always stay on top of this service. Here are a few things that can happen if you don’t remember to schedule septic tank pumping every three to five years:

  • Clogs: You’ve probably experienced a toilet clog every so often. They aren’t so fun to deal with. Imagine that instead of a toilet clog, your entire septic system is clogged. Pumping your septic tank helps break up all that solid waste that has built up over time, and if you let that waste sit there, your system will get clogged and can cause further problems.
  • Damage: One of the consequences of clogs is damage to your septic system. The strain that your system goes under when trying to perform its function properly could lead to cracking, leaking, and failure.
  • Water backup: When you experience clogs or damage, you could find yourself facing water backup. This can happen in your home or backyard. The water can return to the toilets, showers, or sinks, or can create puddles in your yard. All backups can bring a nasty odor, potential mold, and structural problems.

Septic tank pumping is essential in keeping your septic system in top condition. Schedule your next pumping with our team at William Dustin Septic today!