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Septic Contractor in Lakeland, Florida

When you have recently moved into a home that has a septic system, one of the first things you’ll want to do is choose a septic contractor who is well-reputed. If you search the internet, you may quickly find that there are lots of companies to choose form and no good way to determine if they are the ones for you. There are a few important factors that can make the process easier, however, so make sure to check out these items before selecting a septic contractor for your routine servicing:

  • Hours – This might not seem overwhelmingly important when you don’t have a septic emergency, but wouldn’t you rather know that you could call the same company day or night? Knowing that your septic contractor also provides 24-hour emergency services can give you serious peace of mind about your septic system.
  • Services – Another important consideration is the type of services a septic contractor provides. Do they have to call in a third party for new septic installation, or do they have the equipment and expertise to do the job themselves? If you’ve purchased a new home that needs a replacement septic component, you won’t have to worry about going to multiple places to get the job done.
  • Location – Having a local septic contractor is another important consideration, especially if they have been in the area for a while. They will know the typical scenarios that homeowners find themselves in with their septic system and can make sure your home is set up for success.

At William Dustin Septic, we’re proud to be a local septic company with many years of experience serving the Lakeland, Florida area. We have 24-hour availability and offer comprehensive services to meet the needs of our customers. Call us today to schedule an appointment.