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Septic Contractor in Lakeland, Florida

Getting your septic tank pumped probably isn’t high on your priority list, but it is one of those essential maintenance tasks for just about any property owner. If you’ve finally made an appointment with your septic contractor to have them take a look at your septic tank and do an inspection, there are a few important questions you should ask so that you feel confident your septic system is set up for success:

How Often Should I Schedule Maintenance?

The frequency with which you have your septic tank pumped out will depend on several factors, like your household size and the age of your septic system. Asking your septic contractor to give you a general idea of how often your tank needs cleaning will help you schedule routine services accurately and give you time to focus on other routine maintenance tasks.

Is There Anything I Should Be Aware Of?

Any worthwhile septic contractor will do a septic inspection when they arrive to complete a septic pump-out. While they would certainly alert you to any major mishaps, it never hurts to ask some questions about the condition of your tank, filters, and drain field, so you are informed about any future repairs that may come up.

What’s Your After-Hours Phone Number?

No one wants to deal with a septic emergency, but there is nothing like the peace of mind that comes with having your septic contractor on speed dial. Make sure to ask if they have an after-hours phone number you can use just in case there is any unexpected problem.

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