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Septic Tank RepairThere is a good chance that you are heading toward an expensive septic tank repair. You aren’t doing anything on purpose, but you have certain habits that can cause your tank to fail. Change your habits before you have to contact us at William Dustin Septic for a repair.

  • You Use the Toilet as a Trashcan- Your toilet is not a trashcan. Do not put motor oils, fuels, disposable diapers, cigarettes, sanitary napkins, paper towels, grease, or other items down the toilet, or they will end up in the tank. These items clog up the system and lead to one expensive septic tank repair after the next. Put them in the trash instead, or we will have to come out and unclog and repair your system.
  • You Pour Poisons Down the Drain- If you use toilet bowl cleaners or other chemicals, you will end up hurting your septic system, which means you will likely need a septic tank repair. Instead of using them, contact a professional to unclog your drains or fix your toilets.
  • You Rely Too Much on Your Garbage Disposal- You love your garbage disposal, so you put lots of things down it. In fact, you empty the contents of plates and pour all of those contents right down the disposal. As convenient as it is, it all ends up in your septic tank, which can cause some serious problems. Just like you can’t flush anything you want down the toilet, you can’t pour food or other items down the garbage disposal.

If you don’t want to pay for an avoidable septic tank repair, you need to change your behavior. Then your system will stay healthy for the long-term.