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Top Signs You Need a Septic System Replacement
Having a septic system that works properly is essential. Every few years, you will have to get your septic system pumped. However, after about 20 years or so you will more than likely need to get your septic system replaced due to wear and tear. Some instances may occur where you will need a septic system replacement before that 20-year benchmark. Here are the top signs that you need a septic system replacement.

  • Backups – If you are experiencing backups within your septic system, it might be time for a septic system replacement. Some signs of backup issues include bad odors, noisy pipes, sewage in your toilet, and drains not working properly.
  • Water Tank Not Working Properly – If you are having problems with your water tank such as overflowing, or solids are not breaking down properly, it may be time for a septic system replacement.
  • Puddling – If you are experiencing puddles where your drain field is buried, your system could be failing or leaking. The purpose of your system is to dispose of water, so if your septic system is failing to complete this task, it is time for a septic system replacement.
  • Contaminated Water – If you are suspicious of your septic system not working properly, it doesn’t hurt to get an inspection. During your inspection your water will be tested. If that test comes back with contamination such as bacteria in the water, this means your septic system is failing.

We hope these signs guide you in your decision to invest in a septic system replacement. If you have any questions regarding septic system replacement and other services we provide, please contact us at William Dustin Septic.