Three Key Septic Tank Parts and How They Function

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Three Key Septic Tank Parts and How They FunctionStaying informed about how your septic system functions will help you keep your system running smoothly and recognize when it might need maintenance or repair. Many homeowners know the basic operations of their system, such as what not to flush, but may not know how different components work together to keep things flowing.

All septic tank parts play an important role in how well your system operates and may need to be replaced at different times due to wear and tear. Here are three key septic tank parts and how they function as part of the system:

  1. Inlet/Outlet Baffles: These crucial components can be found where the pipes enter (inlet) and exit (outlet) your septic tank. The inlet baffle ensures that wastewater flows smoothly into the tank on a longer path so that it has time to separate, preventing the scum layer from being disturbed. Your outlet baffle does the important work of making sure solids stay in the tank and do not end up in your drain field. Outlet baffles tend to wear out faster.
  2. Pumps: Since not all land is perfectly flat, pumps help to ensure a septic tank can do its job in spite of location. A pump can help to move effluent water through to the drain field if gravity is insufficient, even working against gravity if required. Sump pumps can also prevent flooding around your septic tank when installed in the ground.
  3. Drain Field: This can also be known as a “leach field” or “seepage field.” The drain field is an underground series of perforated pipes that disperses the treated wastewater safely. It plays an important role in preventing waste runoff, making sure your septic tank won’t overflow, and preventing unpleasant smells in your yard.

Familiarizing yourself with septic tank parts will help you understand how your septic system works and, if it is malfunctioning, what components may need maintenance. To learn more about septic systems and parts, contact our team today.