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The Top Three Issues with Septic Tank Parts that Every Homeowner Should Know
There is certainly a learning curve to being a homeowner with a septic system. Knowing a bit more about how your septic system functions can empower you to take preventative measures to avoid clogs and other problems. A good place to start is understanding the key components of your system. Here are three common septic tank parts you should know and some common warning signs to look out for:

  • Main Line. All the pipes within your home lead to the main line. Your first line of defense in protecting your main line from clogging is a drain guard. This will stop debris like food waste and hair from entering your pipes.
  • Inlet Pipe. If you have taken steps to keep your home drains clean, but you are still experiencing clogged drains, then the issue might be the inlet pipe. This small, curved pipe plays a crucial role as it connects your main line pipe to your tank. The inlet pipe sits higher than other parts to keep solids flowing to the bottom of your septic tank. If you are flushing waste like tampons or disposable wipes, this is where they will get caught up. This septic tank part is located underground so you will need to contact a technician for repair.
  • Tank. The last main septic tank part is the largest. While the size varies by household, tanks hold hundreds of gallons of water and waste. Like the inlet pipe, your tank is buried underground and should only be accessed by a professional. If you see standing water at ground level near your buried tank or if you see bright green grass, it’s indicative of a leaking tank. This issue can be avoided with regular maintenance by your local septic tank professionals. Every few years, your tank should be pumped to clear out waste buildup. 

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