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At William Dustin Septic, we believe an informed customer is our best customer, so we do our best to equip you with the pertinent facts about septic systems so you can be the watchdog on alert of anything that might be amiss. To that end, we want to share with you how to tell if you should call us sooner rather than later for septic tank pumping at your Auburndale, Florida home. If you notice any of these signs, we recommend giving us a call.

Signs You Need Septic Tank Pumping ASAP! [infographic]

  • Foul Odors– If your septic tank pumping is past due, you could begin noticing odors in your yard or being emitted from drains or toilets in your home.
  • Soggy Yard– It may be normal for your grass to be wet after a rainstorm, but if it doesn’t drain off or you notice a soggy area in your yard even when it hasn’t rained, that is an indication of an overwhelmed system that needs septic tank pumping.
  • Lush Yard– When a septic tank gets too full, things that weren’t meant to flow to the drain field now can, and although your grass will love it, it is a contamination issue you need to resolve – fast!
  • Slow Drains– One slow drain is a clog issue, but when all your drains are slow, it is past time for septic tank pumping. If you wait much longer, you’ll experience a backup before long.
  • Backup– When there is no place for the waste to go, it is going to kick it into reverse, and no amount of plunging will solve the problem.
  • Well Water Test– If you have a septic system and a well, you should have your well water tested regularly to alert you to contamination. If a test shows excess nitrate content, that means your septic system is not doing its job.
  • It Has Been a Long Time– Typically a home needs septic tank pumping every three to five years. If it has been quite a while since you had it done, it isn’t a bad idea to make an appointment to avoid the potential problems of an overwhelmed septic tank and drain field.
  • Company is Coming– If you are planning an event at your home or will have guests from out of town, you’ll gain peace of mind that you won’t have an embarrassing problem if you call for septic tank pumping before they come. This is also proactively accounting for the added strain on your septic system.