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Drain Field Services in Lakeland, Florida

When you have a septic system on your property, there are several steps required to process and store the waste and liquids produced by your household. All water and solid waste that is flushed down the drains moves through the pipes and into the septic tank, a concrete box that sits beneath the ground. Here the waste splits into layers, allowing the clear liquid to move to the top and out of the opposite side of the tank through another set of pipes. From here, liquid goes into the drain field, which is a set of perforated pipes surrounded by gravel. The gravel acts as a filter, preventing waste from getting into the groundwater.

The drain field in your septic system is one of the most expensive components, and also one of the most important. If something isn’t working properly, your system could leak and cause environmental damage. But it’s hard to know if you have a septic issue because so many of the parts of the system aren’t visible. Our team at William Dustin Septic is here to examine your system and make sure all items are working properly. If we do find an issue, we can quickly and efficiently fix it and reduce the risk of further damage.

Our drain field services and other septic services are available to customers in the Lake Wales, Florida area. Call us today to learn more about our drain field services and the extensive warranty that we offer on all new installations and repairs.