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Leave it or Flush It? Septic Tank Cleaning & Pet Waste

Many of us are the owners of one or more beloved pets, and part of that responsibility includes picking up after our pets on a regular basis. While it may seem more natural to leave pet waste in the yard for natural decomposition, in reality, this may not always be the best method for getting rid of pet waste for several reasons.

Leaving pet waste outside to decompose naturally can pollute nearby water sources and leave you and your pets susceptible to the bacteria and viruses that live in pet fecal matter. But, what about flushing it down the toilet? Is that really a thing?

Yep! Flushing pet waste down the toilet is perfectly acceptable solution, and your septic system is more than equipped to handle this type of sewage. If you don’t mind the mess, your routine septic tank cleaning can remain on its normal schedule of every three to five years.

But, what about other things that can’t usually be flushed, like cat litter? You’re right – this is definitely not a preferred method for pet waste disposal. Flushing something like cat litter can not only mess up your plumbing, but if any litter does in fact make it to the septic system, the bacteria and other microbes in the litter can cause problems with the good bacteria inside your tank. This might mean an unexpected septic tank cleaning is in order or worse — a repair to restore the bacteria. (Let’s not even talk about the plumbing problem.) The other alternative is to throw your pet waste into the garbage, where it is then safely transported to the landfill for safe disposal.

If you’re ever unsure about whether you should flush pet waste, or you have questions about septic tank cleaning, make sure to give us a call at William Dustin Septic. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide the septic services you need for a reliable, problem-free system.