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Septic systems have a lot of working parts. If you fail to maintain one part of your system, the entire system can fail. This is especially true in regard to septic tank cleaning. Simply cleaning your septic tank on a regular basis can help you avoid serious problems that occur when sludge breaks free of the tank and makes its way into the pipes and drain field.

Avoid Problems with a Septic Tank Cleaning

  • Septic Tank CleaningBad Odors- If sludge makes its way into your pipes and drain field, you might end up with a bad odor inside and outside of your home. This overwhelming odor is not only embarrassing, but is an indication that your system could be close to failure. Avoid this by scheduling a regular septic tank cleaning with us at William Dustin Septic.
  • Backups- Thick sludge causes backups in the plumbing. You might get out of the shower, only to see sewage make its way back up the pipes, or you might have backups in your sinks. This isn’t just gross; it’s also unsanitary. Fortunately, you can avoid this by keeping your septic tank free of excess sludge.
  • Slow Draining- Slow drains are a common sign of a dirty septic tank. If your drains take longer to drain than usual, it’s likely because the sludge has made its way into the pipes. You won’t be able to fix this without a thorough septic tank cleaning. Of course, it’s better to avoid the problem than it is to fix it once it occurs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for a septic tank cleaning. Schedule regular cleanings with us, so your system will run smoothly from one year to the next.