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At William Dustin Septic, we understand that you might not know what a sump pump is, whether you need one, or what sump pump services you might need. We would like to share with you a few facts that can help you have a better understanding, so you can prevent a water damage situation at your Lakeland, Florida property.

Facts About Sump Pump Services [infographic]

  • They’re Common – More than 60 percent of homes in the United States are at risk for standing water and below-ground moisture problems, with many benefiting from sump pump services.
  • Used to Direct Water – Sump pumps do not create a completely dry crawlspace. They are designed to save you from flooding during heavy rains by directing water to a safe location away from your home.
  • Size is Important – We must carefully assess the situation at your home to determine the right sump pump capacity for your needs.
  • Consider Battery Backup – Severe weather that causes flooding can also knock out the power, rendering your sump pump useless. Consider a battery backup or a water-powered sump pump that doesn’t need power.
  • Test & Maintain Regularly – Your sump pump won’t do you much good if it doesn’t work, so test it regularly by pouring a bucket of water into the pit to see that it readily starts, drains, and then shuts off. You can contact us for maintenance, repair, and replacement sump pump services.
  • Water Damage is Costly – The rule of thumb is that each inch of floodwater in your home will cost you about $1,000 in damage, but you could easily face far more than that depending on several factors. Comparatively, sump pump services are far more affordable.
  • Two Types of Sump Pumps – The two types of sump pumps are submersible and pedestal. We have the expertise to outfit your home with the correct type and size for your needs.