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When it comes to your septic system, you most likely hope that you never have to deal with any sort of problem. The trouble is that keeping your septic in good condition – so you don’t experience a problem – requires some effort. Unfortunately, many a septic tank company won’t tell you that there are several important things you need to know to maintain your septic system for good.

1.  Timing is Everything – There are a lot of septic tank companies that will simply wait for there to be a problem before truly providing the services you need. That’s not a good business model! The truth is that timing is everything when it comes to septic tank maintenance, and scheduling a cleaning every three to five years can save you a lot of frustration and messy cleanup.

2.  It’s All About the Inspection – Another problem you can easily run into is having a septic tank company that will clean your tank, but doesn’t provide a thorough septic inspection. This should be an essential part of the services they provide, and if you don’t get an inspection report, you should go elsewhere for services.

3.  Emergencies DO Happen – The truth is that septic emergencies do happen, but not every septic tank company provides the support that you need during emergencies. In fact, some of them will ask you to wait to schedule services until morning, or better yet, outsource to another contractor for the cleanup. Making sure your septic tank company provides 24-hour emergency service can give you real peace of mind if you ever have an emergency backup.

At William Dustin Septic, you never have to worry about any of these things because we provide full disclosure about our capabilities, and we’ll always work with you to make sure your septic system is in top condition. If you’ve been let down by another septic tank company, give us a call today.