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What Actually Happens During a Septic Tank Maintenance Inspection?

As a homeowner who values their investments, you likely know that you need septic tank maintenance at least every three years. These maintenance appointments catch issues early and keep your pipes running smoothly, which saves you money. According to Moving.com, those savings might be as much as $7,000. But what exactly does a septic tank maintenance appointment look like?

  • Will they dig up my yard? No, deep excavation is not required. Your technician will need to remove the soil above the septic tank lids, but they are not very deep below the surface. (This is also a reminder to not put plants or shrubbery above your tank.)
  • How long will it take? For the tank size of a normal household, the pump should take around 30 minutes. During this time, the technician will remove all of the solid waste that has accumulated. Additionally, they will run a high-power spray back into the tank to further break down any solid waste left in the tank or the valve.
  • Should I ask any questions? Yes, ask your technician about scum levels. This will give you insight into how much wear and tear your tank is seeing from household use. Also, ask about bacteria additives. Natural bacteria are harmed by cleaning substances like detergents that find their way to your tank. Your expert will know the right additives to use so that your tank continues to properly break down waste in between maintenance appointments. 

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