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Are you looking for a septic contractor to help you with an installation? What about a provider to help you with ongoing maintenance, like regular pump-outs? At William Dustin Septic, we suggest looking for several key qualities in your septic contractor to ensure you receive great service.

The Top 8 Signs of a Good Septic Contractor [infographic]

1.   Local—Local service provides you with a contractor who cares about their community and the people in it. At William Dustin Septic, we’re local to the Lakeland, Florida area and aren’t a large corporate franchise.

2.   24/7 availability—Septic emergencies happen when you’re least expecting them to! We’re here to help whenever you need us because we’re available 24/7.

3.   Expert service—Chances are you’re not a septic expert, which is why you need a septic contractor who knows what they’re talking about. We always base our recommendations on experience and training, so you can trust our advice and workmanship.

4.   Customer focused—You need a septic contractor who is focused on their customers– not their profits. Based on the feedback we get from our clients, we’re proud to say we always put our customers first.

5.   Service variety—You need a septic contractor who does installs, pump-outs, tank cleanings, and other repairs. Trust our expertise and wide variety of services to take care of whatever septic need you have.

6.   A good reputation—We’re proud to say that we’re well known throughout the Lakeland area for the level of service we provide and the excellent quality of our workmanship.

7.   Strong listening skills—While we can usually identify what’s wrong with a septic system after an inspection, it’s helpful to listen to our customer’s viewpoint first. We’ll always listen to you and your side of the story before taking further action.

8.   Helpful advice—Do you need advice about maintaining your septic system? What about recommendations for pumping and replacement? We’re always happy to offer honest advice and tips backed by our extensive septic experience.