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Here at William Dustin Septic, we often get calls from worried homeowners in the Lakeland, Florida area who have been told they need to have their septic system replaced. Being worried is understandable, especially if the system hasn’t performed for the roughly 40 years that they typically do. There are several reasons why a septic system can fail prematurely, so it is not beyond the realm of possibilities. For peace of mind that you aren’t facing replacement when a repair would suffice, we recommend letting us give you a second opinion. We also have a few questions that you can ask your septic contractor (even us!) before you go to the expense of replacing the septic system or any one component of it.

Questions to Ask Your Septic Contractor Before Replacing Your Septic System [infographic]

  • Why Did it Fail? While it may not be easily ascertainable, there can be some telltale signs about what went wrong. Initial construction mistakes, acidic ground water, and improper care of the septic system are all conditions you want to know about so you don’t run into the same problem with the new system.
  • What Warranty Do You Offer? While it is unlikely to see a 40-year warranty because there are far too many variables involved that are not the direct result of anything the septic contractor was responsible for, you should at least receive a warranty against defective installation. We offer 10-year warranties on new drain fields and drain field repairs, as long as you allow us to come and pump your septic tank every 3 years.
  • Do You Charge for an Estimate? Ask this question before you have a septic contractor come out so you know ahead of time if there will be a charge. We offer free estimates for septic system repairs and replacements.
  • Will You Try to Repair? Some companies are only involved in septic system installation and replacements, so they don’t look for what might be able to be repaired. We consider what will be in your best interests based on the condition and age of the system and both the cost and the feasibility of the repair.
  • What Support Do You Offer After Installation? We offer reliable, consistent, around-the-clock support for your septic system, so if you have any issues or questions after the installation, don’t hesitate to contact us day or night.