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selecting the right septic system contractor

In this world of do-it-yourself fads, there are still some things you don’t want to attempt on your own. Working on your septic system is definitely a job which is best left to professionals who have the training and expertise you need in a septic system contractor. There are several choices available but selecting the right septic system contractor can save you headaches and serious damage to your home. Here are some very good reasons why you want a septic system contractor to help you do the heavy lifting from the start:

  • Drain field design. Designing a drain field is more technical than you may think. Your drain field needs to be the right size to handle the anticipated amount of wastewater, be at a proper distance from the house, and be designed to drain and dry out properly. This requires accounting for elements such as skilled grading, as well as being able to determine the capacity of the drain field correctly. These are not skills you can easily learn from the internet.
  • Septic tank placement. Septic tanks need to be placed at the correct depth and incline and be the right size for your system’s usage. It’s important that your tank is made to suit your usage – there are a lot of options out there. And it’s extremely important to know the exact location of the opening to your tank to avoid disruption to your landscaping just a few years after installing your system. William Dustin Septic can help with this!
  • Landscaping adjustments. Not just anything can be grown or kept over a drain field. As your septic system contractor, we can help you avoid the pitfalls of landscaping or improper use over your drain field.
  • Longevity. Setting up your system with an experienced contractor sets you up to have the knowledge and professional connections you need to keep your investment working properly well into the future.

If you are ready to hire an experienced septic system contractor, please consider calling us at William Dustin Septic. We are happy to help answer any of your questions about the issues listed above or anything else related to your septic system.