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Our local septic company provides benefits that Plant City, FL residents can’t find anywhere else.

Local Septic CompanyAs tempting as it might be to call a 1-800 number for a national septic company, our local septic company has lots of benefits. When you choose us, you will get a service you cannot get with a national chain.

  • Commitment to the Community- National chains aren’t familiar with the communities they serve. They build businesses from one community to the next without having roots anywhere. At William Dustin Septic, we have been a part of Plant City, FL for years. By having our roots in the community, we take special care with every customer we serve. We are connected to our customers, so we take pride in all of our work.
  • Faster Service- Speed is important with septic tank issues. You don’t want to wait days to fix an important problem. In some cases, you don’t even want to wait hours. Our local septic company is faster than our national competitors. We can get out to your property in no time at all and get right to work. That is a huge benefit of going with us.
  • Fair Prices- We don’t price on a national scale. We price for people in Plant City, FL. On top of that, we don’t have to pay inflated CEO salaries. That is why we are able to offer fair prices for our customers. If you’re sick of paying high prices, stick with William Dustin Septic.

Forget about the national chains. Our local septic company offers the best services in Plant City, FL. Contact us for a quote today.


William Dustin Septic is a local septic company proudly serving Lakeland, Mulberry, Auburndale, Polk City, Plant City, Winter Haven, Lake Wales, Bartow, Lake Alfred, and Haines City, FL.