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At William Dustin Septic, we do our best to help you keep your septic system in good condition and avoid the need for repairs as much as possible. That said, we understand that septic emergencies happen to us all, and we are ready to help you through any mutiny from your tank. Here is some advice on what to do if you need unexpected septic tank repair.

Septic Tank Repair in Lakeland, FL

With any septic tank repair, your first step should be to call our team at William Dustin Septic to schedule an inspection to determine the source of the problem. This will allow our technicians to assess what repairs are needed and form a plan for when and how to perform them. We always strive to solve your septic problem as soon as possible, but there may still be a day or two before we can complete the repair. Here are a few tips on how to cope with the problem during that gap.

 If water from your tank is pooling in your yard, you should take care to avoid that area until it drains totally–you may even want to block it off with caution tape or another marker. If you experience slow drainage in your home, try to limit your trips to the toilet or ask to use a neighbor’s facilities if you can. Black sludge rising from shower drains is another common issue in cases of septic tank repair; if this is your home’s problem, you can also ask a neighbor for assistance.

At William Dustin Septic, we understand that none of these options is desirable, and we will make every effort to restore your septic system’s normal function as quickly as we can.