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Septic Tank CleaningIt’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it! Regular septic tank cleaning is essential for the maintenance of your septic system, and it’s a great chance for us to inspect your tank and see whether it needs to be pumped or repaired. Think of it as a checkup for the most important part of your house–the waste management system that lets you worry about the more pleasant parts of owning a home.

A septic tank cleaning is more than us just giving your tank a shine and polish; it’s our time to remove certain leftover contaminants and check on the structural integrity of your tank, so we can help you avoid real problems later on. We have to check all of the connections to make sure all wastewater is flowing through the correct pipes to the tank. Then we have to measure the levels in the tank to make sure they’re not too high. The scheduling of septic tank cleaning largely depends on the levels of sediments in your tank.

We also look for cracks, irregularities, and weak areas in all parts of your septic system, so there are no surprises in store for you. After we’re done, we’ll advise you on the best course of action, and whether you need to schedule a tank pumping or any repairs in the near future.

Schedule a septic tank cleaning with us at William Dustin Septic, and we’ll get to work making sure the least glamorous part of your house gets the attention it needs.

Septic Tank Cleaning: All Clear!