Four Reasons for Regular Septic Tank Cleaning

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Did you know that you should have septic tank cleaning done regularly? A septic tank cleaning not only removes the water in the tank, but also the hardened sludge at the bottom of the tank. Here at William Dustin Septic, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of regular septic tank cleaning for the following reasons.

Four Reasons for Regular Septic Tank Cleaning

1. Tank Lifespan – When you tend to the needs of your septic tank, you are helping to keep it healthy and working properly. When your septic tank is well taken care of with regular septic tank cleaning, its expected lifespan is much longer.

2. Saves Money – Regular septic tank cleaning is a whole lot cheaper than having to repair or even replace your septic system. Regular maintenance is always recommended to avoid costly problems.

3. Clean & Safe – Without regular septic tank cleaning, you can get a buildup of sludge and sewage. This buildup can leak out and create an unsafe and unclean environment to be around. This contaminated water also has an opportunity to reach water sources.

4. More Efficient – When the septic tank is completely cleaned out, it gives the septic tank a bit of a rest. This rest allows for better performance and can help prevent costly repairs.