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Septic Tank Repair in Plant City, FloridaThe most reliable way to know that you need a septic tank repair is by having your septic tank inspected.  A septic tank inspector can diagnose any problems that your tank might have. There are, however, a few ways that you can tell if your septic tank might be in need of repairing.

1.  Puddles: Finding puddles along your drain field or near your underground pipes are sure signs that something in your septic tank is not functioning properly.

2.  Clogged Drains: If you find that the drains in your house, such as your shower, tub, or sink drains, are draining slowly or making gurgling sounds, your septic tank might be unable to keep up with the amount of water going into it.  If this is the case, you could need a septic tank repair.

3.  Bad Smells: The third sign that you may need a septic tank repair is smell.  The smell could be coming from your septic tank itself, from your drain field if there is a leak, or even from within your house if there is a backup.  If it is coming from inside the house, you should call our professionals as soon as possible. If the sewage gets into your house, it can lead to expensive cleanups and repairs.

Though a septic tank repair can be an unplanned expense and may seem unaffordable, it is much less costly than replacing your septic tank.  The best way to avoid replacement is through proper maintenance and repairs.  If you are experiencing puddles, clogged drains, or smells, give our professionals at William Dustin Septic a call today. We are happy to help and will provide a free estimate.